Guidelines for PCB Fab & Panelization

Below are general guidelines regarding PCB fabrication as it pertains to BESTProto assembly process:

  • V-score preferred over tab routing when boards are panelized
  • Panel size, preferred maximum panel size 6” X 10” (+/-) and 6-up (2 x 3) or 8-up (2 x 4) array
  • Scrap rails down the 2 longer sides of the panel is good practice, approximately 0.250” wide
  • Tooling holes and fiducials are not mandatory, but good practice. We will use fiducials but almost never use tooling holes
  • Fiducials; 2 or 3 corners of each individual board plus 2 or 3 corners of panel, approx .050 round
  • Tooling holes in each corner of panel, 0.125” or similar


We would be happy to review your proposed panel drawing and advise accordingly.