PCB Testing Services

BESTProto can perform numerous types of testing as part of a turnkey PCB or electronics assembly build.

PCB Testing ServicesFlying probe testing is best for low volume, highly complex assemblies. It is easy to set up, conduct, and check for open/short circuits and wrong values. This test also verifies component placement and identifies missing components. One of the downsides is that this test does not perform power-up testing or check for functional failures.

ICT testing is a very thorough test for higher volume, mature production products.  It runs the power signal to check voltage levels and resistance at different nodes of the board. ICT is excellent at detecting parametric failures, PCB design-related faults, and component failures. While it is an economical test in terms of a per board test cost creating an ICT fixture requires from $10,000 to $50,000 and takes four to six weeks to build.

Functional testing verifies board operation and behavior. The PCB is subjected to a sequence of signals and supply voltages. Responses are monitored at specific points to ensure the board operates correctly. An engineer usually specs the test and the OEM defines test procedures. This test is best at detecting wrong component values, and functional and parametric failures.

There are other testing schemes that BESTProto can provide as part of its turnkey capabilities. These will depend on the type and scope of the project.