p.c.b. assembly

August to September Newsletter

With the kids now back in school I am reminded that we too are constantly learning.

In this newsletter we learn a few more tips on cleaning no clean flux chemistries. BESTProto uses a water soluable flux as its standard processing chemisry, however other chemstires such as no-clean flux system can be specified.

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pcb repair services

June to July Newsletter

In this edition we discuss the capabilities of BESTProto with respect to hand soldering. If you have specialty electronics assembly requirements then BESTProto is your source.

When there are specialty build items such as odd form factor parts or sub-assemblies or when there are low volume builds where precision hand soldering needs to take place think of BESTProto. When there are assemblies that require soldering or do not lend themselves to machine placement think of BESTProto.
Our assemblers are highly trained who have many years of hand soldering experience and who take pride in their workmanship.

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