p.c.b. assembly

August to September Newsletter

With the kids now back in school I am reminded that we too are constantly learning.

In this newsletter we learn a few more tips on cleaning no clean flux chemistries. BESTProto uses a water soluable flux as its standard processing chemisry, however other chemstires such as no-clean flux system can be specified.

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pcb repair services

June to July Newsletter

In this edition we discuss the capabilities of BESTProto with respect to hand soldering. If you have specialty electronics assembly requirements then BESTProto is your source.

When there are specialty build items such as odd form factor parts or sub-assemblies or when there are low volume builds where precision hand soldering needs to take place think of BESTProto. When there are assemblies that require soldering or do not lend themselves to machine placement think of BESTProto.
Our assemblers are highly trained who have many years of hand soldering experience and who take pride in their workmanship.

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prototype pcb

April to May Newsletter

In this edition we discuss the idea of reverse engineering electronic designs. There may be cases where that older product that you have not built (or the company that was acquired had nor built) in some time needs to be built again.There may be other cases where the manufacturer is no longer supporting new sales of a replacement PCB yet you need to keep the equipment maintained. In such cases BESTProto can reverse engineer the product and deliver a BOM, a Gerber , a schematic and even finished assemblies as part of its services. Call us today @ (847) 797-9250 and ask for Laura Ripoli if you are interested in this service.

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p.c.b. assembly

January to February Newsletter

To kick off 2009 we will be hosting an event that will help you build your prototypes faster in the coming year. Hear from 6 different specific subject matter experts in each of their own areas of the design process. The seminar will be held Friday, March 6th.

The format of the seminar and the quality of the speakers will allow you to gain several knowledge “nuggets” during the day. Bring the tough problems in the prototyping process either before the SMEs 1-on-1 or before the whole group during the roundtable discussion. In addition you may want to exchange ideas on vendors, various aspects of your processes with others in the other to see what works and what doesn’t. Use this opportunity to to expand your knoweldge on various aspects of the prototyping process. A full brochure on the seminar can be found here.

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