PCB Assembly Minnesota

PCB Assembly Minnesota

BESTProto is a company specializing in printed circuit board assemblies for a variety of Minnesota -based industries. The common denominator in our Minnesota  customer base is its sophistication, pressures of time to bring the product to market and expectations of high quality. We employ expert technicians that are focused on meeting and exceeding the high expectations of our customers. We build PCB prototype designs for highly specialized small businesses or start-up companies with small production or specialty build capabilities. Some of the Minnesota  industries we serve are telecom, industrial, medical and military:

Telecom PCB Assembly

From its Chicago-based location in the center of many of the telecom development industry, BESTProto is equipped to build highly complex printed board assemblies geared toward meeting the highest standards in telecommunications and computer technology. We have expertise in dealing with a wide array of devices such as BGAs and CSPs-especially fine-pitched devices down to 0.35mm pitch. We also assemble POPs and mirrored BGAs-especially on boards with a high thermal mass. Leadless device placement is another area of expertise as we place and inspect these devices regularly. Our equipment and expertise is also well suited for large format back planes. Some of the devices supplied to Minnesota  telecom companies include DSL testing equipment, battery charging systems, embedded computers, and supercomputer motherboards.

Industrial PCB Assembly

For many years, BESTProto has assembled printed circuit boards for a variety of customers in Minnesota ’s large industrial sector. Some of the devices we’ve assembled include sensors, conditioning systems for alternative energy, power monitoring systems, industrial controls as well as others with demanding environmental requirements. BESTProto provides support geared specifically for the industrial sector, including:

  • Functional testing of completed assemblies
  • Buying only “one part number” instead of many
  • Repairing and providing reverse logistic services
  • Providing electronic assemblies which are capable of surviving in ruggedized environments

We strive to support the needs of our industrial customers with the right mixture of services, facility build site options and technical expertise

Medical Equipment

BESTProto offers assembly and production of printed circuit boards (PCBs) to Minneosta’s growing medical device and equipment industry. Our expert certified technicians use the most stringent processes and the highest J-STD Class III standards to satisfy the demands of the medical industry. We have assembled several different kinds of medical devices including diagnostic imaging equipment, lasers, and handheld dental tools. We can provide box build, PCB assembly and testing for virtually any medical or dental equipment control board needed.

Avionics Equipment

If you are a military or aerospace contract manufacturer based in Minnesota, BESTProto offers PCB assembly designed to meet the high demands of quality and reliability that the military requires. We understand that the military demands 100% reliability with its PCB devices, and we go to great lengths to meet this standard. Our experience covers a wide range of military systems; including distributed tactical communication systems, digital information processing systems, guidance and navigation for precision engagement, simulators, power and control systems, propulsion systems, electronic systems, and many others.