Walk into any computer store, and you could pick up a fully-built computer off the shelf. But will it truly meet your needs? Box builds do, and that is why they are growing in popularity with manufacturers and end users. But how can you choose the right parts? Here is a closer look. 

The Importance of Choosing the Right Parts for Your Box Build

What constitutes the right parts of a computer box build depends on how you want to use your machine. If high-performance gaming is your priority, you need different features from someone who is mostly programming or creating graphics. Box builds allow manufacturers and users to customize the parts that go into the box to their exact requirements. 

Six Main Parts of a Computer Box Build

Understanding the system requirements needed to be fulfilled helps you choose your parts. Read on:

  1. Motherboard: this is the main board screwed into the computer case. The motherboard connects all other parts and enables them to collaborate and communicate.

  2. Input and output units: these are nothing other than monitors, speakers, keyboards, mouses, and joysticks. As input units, most users want at least a keyboard and a mouse. For gaming, joysticks or other devices are essential. Anyone working on complex projects benefits from two monitors, whereas a professional musician may choose to upgrade their computer’s speakers and sound technology.
  3. Central processing unit (CPU): think of the CPU as the computer’s brain where all data is being processed. The more demanding your work is, the more powerful the CPU needs to be.

  4. Graphics processing unit (GPU): GPUs are specialized processors that accelerate any work requiring high-quality graphics. They are essential for gaming or video editing.

  5. Random access memory (RAM): RAM stores data of frequently accessed programs and processes. As faster storage options are becoming available, RAM is becoming less important.

  6. Storage: hard disk drives (HDD) used to be the main unit for storage, but they are being replaced by solid-state drives (SSD) which work more like SIM cards and store and read data faster.

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