BestProto-How to Ensure Your PCB Prototype Meets Your Requirements

Well-designed PCB Assembly (PCBA, CCA, PWB) prototypes can help you save time and money. You can use them to identify and correct potential usability and performance issues, enabling you to avoid costly errors in the production stage.

It’s, therefore, essential to ensure prototypes meet your requirements and accurately resemble your final product. Below are a few tips to help you achieve this:

Work With an Experienced Manufacturer

Before hiring a contract manufacturer (CM), verify that they possess the requisite expertise and experience.  Request that they send their portfolio, which should include their past or present projects and most notable accomplishments. We advise seeking a product development partner familiar with your industry and who has worked with similar firms.

If you’re running a critical systems industry like the military, aerospace, or medical facilities, the chances are that you have an approved vendor list. If so, consider the approved development partners first.

Observe Applicable Regulations and Standards

Hiring a professional manufacturer does not relieve you of the responsibility of adhering to PCB manufacturing industry guidelines and standards. If the regulatory bodies discover that your PCBs contravene any regulations, they’ll come for you, not the manufacturer.

While prototypes should merely help you forecast your PCB’s functionality and performance, there’s no harm in ensuring they are also compliant. Doing so can make production more efficient by eliminating the need to worry about compliance at that critical stage.

Follow Component Traceability Procedures

Another key factor to consider is the dependability and quality of your PCB prototype’s components. The materials used in the prototype should be similar to those used in the final product. Therefore, you should take all the necessary precautions as you would during production. Avoid counterfeits and ensure that each component can be traced from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to the component manufacturer (CM).

Above all, ensure you’ve contacted a PCB prototype manufacturer who understands what they’re doing. These systems are so critical that their production has no room for guesswork.

At BESTProto, we pride ourselves on helping several clients like you prototype, assemble, and produce PCBs. Our customers come from several sectors — from medical to telecommunications, industrial, and military. 

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