In this edition we discuss the capabilities of BESTProto with respect to hand soldering. If you have specialty electronics assembly requirements then BESTProto is your source.

When there are specialty build items such as odd form factor parts or sub-assemblies or when there are low volume builds where precision hand soldering needs to take place think of BESTProto. When there are assemblies that require soldering or do not lend themselves to machine placement think of BESTProto.
Our assemblers are highly trained who have many years of hand soldering experience and who take pride in their workmanship.

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Garth Cates BESTProto

Specialty Hand Soldering for Low Volume Assembly

BESTProto welcomes the challenges associated with building low volume through hole electronic assemblies which are not well-suited for machine or automated assembly. We embrace these challenges as we possess all the right tools to take these projects to completion:

Engineering talent. Our engineers have an average experience base in electronics of 20 plus years. They have lots of experience working on many different kinds of products and have experienced firsthand numerous technical and processing issues that will help make your build go that much smoother.

Technician talent. Our soldering technicians have many years working in a challenging environment where they have experienced many different kinds of products, components and solders. They have been trained by our IPC master instructors on site. We also have PCB repair artisans on staff who make PCB modifications per IPC 7721 requirements as well as many of the military requirements.

In order to see how we can help you build those lower volume specialty builds requiring greater dexterity contact Laura Ripoli at (847) 797-9250 or by email at