When your company needs to create a finished product and you need to have your PC Board Assemblies placed into an enclosure along with a power supply, cable assemblies, connectors to the outside world etc., you are looking for what the industry calls a Box Build.  You have to strike the perfect balance between the ideal design concept and the ability to manufacture it. This can lead to many challenges, including higher component and assembly costs and quality control issues. The answer is BESTProto.  Along with our PCB Assembly services, we can help guide you through the concept and design of the box build straight through to the construction and resulting production of the needed units.

The idea of a box build is relatively easy to understand. It’s literally a box-like shape (enclosure) made out of materials like plastic or metal that will serve as the means to hold all the electronic components. That’s where the concept gets trickier. A box build not only involves the creation of the box/enclosure but also the routing of wires, connectors and cable assemblies and attaching sub-components and other assembly work and in some cases, testing. Some of these sub-components can include relays, pneumatics, logic controllers, DIN rails, PCBs, cable assemblies, safety components, and power supplies.

While creating your box build can be done internally, there are several compelling reasons why you would benefit from having your box build assembly work done by BESTProto:

  1. Removing the burden of managing several suppliers saves money and time.
  2. Miscommunication can be reduced or eliminated by not dealing with several vendors and designers. You can also make changes more effectively, streamline the process, and reduce lead times.
  3. A BESTProto can give you needed input to enhance and perfect your design.
  4. A box build assembly service can provide the most cost-effective resources along with stricter quality control and a one-stop-shop.

Working with one vendor simplifies your process, reduces costs, improves communication, and optimizes quality control management. BESTProto offers design, engineering, and PCB assembly services for many industries including medical, industrial, telecommunications, and the military. AS 9100 and ISO 9001:2015 certified, we are also ROHS compliant and ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) compliant. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to request a quote.