Box Builds

Integrating PCB assemblies and other components or subassemblies into a final product, testing, instruction manual insertion and final packaging is another service provided by BESTProto. We can provide small volume OEM manufacturers with complete box build assembly services. This further reduces your overhead and simplifies your purchasing process to one part number.

Box Build Assembly Services

BESTProto offers a variety of flexible options in terms of integrating your electronic or electromechanical product into the enclosure. Some of these options include but are not limited to:

  • Assembly & testing of printed circuit boards
  • Integration of board assemblies into a sub-rack or housing
  • Assembly of power supplies, cable assemblies, thermal management units
  • Addition of line cards, modules & other sub-assemblies
  • Product Software configuration
  • Serialization and product tracking
  • Full cabinet integration – configured to your specification
  • Final test to specification
  • Direct shipment of final packaged units to end customers
  • Fabrication and integration of wire harnesses
pcb layout service

Full integration of electromechanical assemblies allows you to pass on the start-to-finish manufacturing responsibility to BESTProto so that you can focus on your businesses’ core competencies.