BESTProto wants to build your PCB prototypes fast and right the first time. If we do not do it right the first time we certainly have not done it fast. Here’s what’s required to make this happen:

“Kit” of assembly materials including:

  1. Components – Include total number PLUS 5 as extras(or 10%, whichever is more) for discretes. There should be 20% extras for components 0603 or smaller. There is no need to buy reels. For ICs, QFPs and BGAs we ask for 1 extra for every 10 assemblies to be built. All moisture-sensitive components should be in their original MSD packaging or we will have to bake the parts prior to placement thereby losing precious time. For lead-free components please make sure the parts are marked according to the JEDEC97 guidelines.
  2. PCBs- As a good design practice make sure the silkscreen indicates polarity, reference designators and PIN-1 markings as clearly as possible.

“Kit” of assembly instructions including

  1. Customer Supplied Assembly Drawings – These are not required for assembly, but they do help to ensure all special PCB Assembly instructions are carried out properly. A good assembly drawing would have the type of solder paste (general specification) and flux type.
  2. Bill Of Materials – should be included in Microsoft Excel or delimited format. Please highlight any components we will not be placing, or any parts that are not included in the kit. BOM should include: Part #, Reference Designator, Description, and package.
  3. Gerber files – We ask that you send us all Gerber files generated by your CAD program, as if you were sending them for fabrication. At a minimum we need copper, solder paste and silk screen layers for assembly.