Low Volume Electronics Assembly

BESTProto is committed to serving those customers who cannot get the attention of a “standard” EMS provider. We are committed to building your low volume electronic assemblies.

Our engineering resources are dedicated to making sure that we understand the nuisances of your low volume production build. Whether it be that “one of a kind” fixture, that hard to assemble legacy design where it does not make sense to pour any further engineering resources into a redesign or whether your board design has specialty components requiring extreme care and great dexterity with respect to hand soldering-BESTProto is your low volume electronics assembly partner.

Many times legacy product builds many times do not fit the business model of “standard” EMS providers. They have relatively small lot sizes, they use components that have long and inconsistent lead times, and the build demand for them is inconsistent at best. All of these factors, as well numerous others make the building of legacy products a real challenge for “standard” EMS provider business models.

In contrast legacy product builds, their test and support even for relatively low lot sizes, is something that is embraced by BESTProto. Small lot sizes fit our business model. We like the challenge of figuring out new and more efficient ways of processing these small lots. We embrace the challenges of assembling, testing and putting the electronics into their final assemblies. Since we have some the industry’s best hand soldering and assembly technicians no challenge is too great for them handle.

Engineering sample lots, which can be anywhere from 10-100 pieces, and are usually do one or two times in the product life, is well-suited for the BESTProto business model. Our engineers will make sure the proper documentation and work procedures are in place in order to assemble these engineering (or sometime marketing) samples. Working closely with your design engineering and manufacturing groups we can provide feedback in the DFM analysis of your initial builds. These type of challenges is something we thrive on –even knowing full well that we will never build this product again.

BESTProto knows that there are manufacturers who service a highly specialized market which means that they have a very diverse selection of products. This means from a manufacturing perspective that there are never many of any one type of product made rather very small lots of each product type are produced. While most EMS providers are not set up to efficiently deal with this kind of work, BESTProtos’ business model is such that we welcome working with these kind of projects and customers. With our diverse skill set think of us as an extension of your manufacturing, engineering and procurement team.