PCB Design & Layout Services

The BESTProto staff will work closely with you through every stage of the PCB layout process. The result: our engineers become part of your team – an extension of your staff, able to fully evaluate your needs, and determined to investigate every design option and solution while keeping in mind PCB assembly requirements.

Printed Circuit Board Layout Designpcbboarddesign

Our goal is to offer you PCB designs that are accurate and manufacturable.

Outsourcing your PCB layout

Layout of dense, high speed designs is a complex process that can make or break a project timeline. While modern layout tools assist greatly in the process high-speed, dense designs require a great deal of experience. This type of experience only comes after going through the steps numerous times. When evaluating the outsourcing decision consider the difficulties with tracking down layout related problems and the time to complete a layout fix and rebuild your design. These items ultimately add cost and time to your project and should be weighed in your outsourcing decision.

BESTPROTO can help

BESTProto has completed numerous designs which have led to volume production and continues to evolve its capability into even higher speed processors and interconnects. You can contract with BESTProto to complete your PCB layout project in order to mitigate the project risk in complex layouts. Once the layout is complete you can take advantage of our build, test and delivery turnkey services.

What tools does BESTProto use for PCB Layout?

BESTProto uses advanced software for creating PCB layouts. All we need to get started is a schematic and a netlist. If you prefer we can create the netlist using our own schematic capture tools (OrCAD). We will work with you to ensure that all design rules are met and that a high quality, reliable layout is produced.

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