PCB Repair Services

BESTProto’s PCB testing and PCB repair service depot is the right choice for your PCB testing and board repair needs.

PCB Repair ServicesWe specialize in providing a quality outsource solution for PCB testing and board repair to various industries and government entities. BESTProto offers the domestic or international OEM a complete approach to electronic equipment repair services including: inventory management, returns processing, parts reclamation and recycling.

BESTProto can provide returns processing for warranty administration, returns verification and other programs related to the repairs and the bulk shipments from channel partners seeking restocking. BESTProto serves as an expert in component level repair of digital, analog and other advanced package geometries due to its core competency of PCB rework including rework instruction.

PCB Repair ServicesRefurbishment of systems by BESTProto for resale including cosmetic reinstatements, upgrades, reconfigurations and general preparation for OEMs of systems for 2nd user resale. This increases product life and provides a potential “arms length” entry point for low-cost markets.

BESTProto also offers reclamation of assemblies, sub-assemblies and components to sustain your products to the end of their life. This is important as life cycles shrink and component availability, especially with the advent of lead free compatibility of components, becomes harder to acquire

BESTProto PCB Repair Services Offered:

  • Out of Production/Non-Current electronic equipment and component repair
  • Re-box and re-label services
  • PCB Troubleshooting and component level repair
  • PCB testing

BESTProto Repairs

  • Industrial equipment
  • Calibration equipment
  • Communication equipment
  • Computer equipment