Repair & Reverse Logistics

BESTProto can help you reverse engineer a PCB or electronic assembly when one of the following needs arise:

  • Cost reduce a board where there are lost files or the board is not supported any longer by the OEM
  • Replacement for an obsolete printed circuit board
  • Extension of the useful life of your equipment by reverse engineering its printed circuit boards
  • Replacement for a lost design file
  • The native design database EDA software is not available in the market
  • There is the desire to improve the performance of the existing board for which you do not have a intelligent database
  • Support for the board is no longer supported by the OEM
  • An update to an existing PCB assembly with new capabilities exists
  • Re-engineer an old PCB design to current standards, using a new component
  • Produce a product which competes with the product to be analyzed
  • Upgradeable –add functionality to broaden your machines’ capability

Reverse engineering is “legal” and BESTProto does not infringe copyright or privacy practices. According to our interpretation of U.S. copyright law, the result of reverse engineering is not a copy. Although the new PCB is functionally identical to the old one, there are enough differences, including current trace routing and updated component specifications, to make it an original piece of work.

The BESTProto reverse engineering capabilities include reverse engineering services for electronic assemblies for:

  • Up to 4 layers
  • No limit on nodes or pads
  • No limit on board size
  • No limit on components (through hole, surface mount, or mixed)
  • Single or double-sided component placement

What the PCB reverse engineering service delivers to you.

You get all of the information and files you need to take your PCB into production. In addition to the items below you then have the ability to have BESTProto build these reverse-engineered products either on a prototype basis for testing or for low volume production. If you decide that neither scenario is well-suited to your situation then BESTProto can assemble your “end of life” builds.

The project “deliverables” include:
  • Schematic diagrams and ORCAD DSN files, including all on-board point-to-point wiring diagrams
  • Bill of materials listing all components.
  • Gerber files for the production of the PCB.
  • Optional: Individual data sheets on each component where available.
  • Optional: A fully functional prototype PCB assembled with all components as-specified for testing and evaluation.
  • Optional: Prototype PCB assembled with components for testing and evaluation.

Making a direct copy of an existing circuit board limits you to using the technologies available when it was first designed – which means you’re stuck using older systems and obsolete, hard-to-find components.

Reverse engineering the circuit board retains 100% functionality while reducing costs by using readily available, cheaper, easier-to-handle parts and processes.

Reverse engineering the PCB gives you a first-generation set of plans no matter how complex the circuit board.
Whether you have making ongoing repairs to your processing system to keep it running or you need a “plug-and-go” upgrade such that your – your new replacement circuit board plugs right into your existing system.