Wire & Cable Harnesses

BESTProto, as part of its turnkey electronics build capabilities, supplies wire harness assemblies of various configurations and requirements.

Your requirements are unique and you need a supplier like BESTProto that not only delivers a finished assembly, but a manufacturing partner that offers you the unique integration services that your company requires. Whether you have a loose concept or detailed work instructions, BESTProto can work from your documentation to create a custom cable assembly Solution tailored to your requirement.  From the simplest cable assemblies to the most complex Wire harnesses, BESTProto can make sure that your customized solution works with the entire electronics design.

We can use various testing equipment to provide100% quality test wire harnesses.  We are able to find defective or miswired cables instantly before equipment is damaged or time is wasted.  Testers have a graphic wiring display that visually pinpoints wiring errors and that will pass/fail the wire harness in one second.  Through our testing we are able to find opens, shorts, miswires, and intermittent connections. We also can check for contact isolation and resistance thresholds. Our testing processes insure the quality of wire harnesses.