Why BESTProto

There are several compelling reasons to choose BESTPROTO for your electronic prototype development or small volume OEM builds. These can be summarized as follows:

  • We understand the needs of small business-because we are a professionally-run small business
  • We understand speed because of our experience in the rework and repair of printed circuit boards where turnaround time is essential
  • We have experience in quickly building lead-free assemblies for initial evaluation of new components, board finishes and materials
  • We have the ability to modify development boards using the expertise of one of the nations’ premier PCB rework and repair facilities-a real plus when traces or pads needs to be moved before the next board spin
  • We have the ability to make small stencils in-house thereby accelerating the speed at which we can deliver the first assembly
  • We have master instructors in IPC A610 and JSTD-001 on staff assuring that your product is both built to and inspected to the latest electronic industry standards
  • Our business model is based on BESTProto delivering prototype and small quantity electronic assemblies to you and your organization and NOT on building thousands upon thousands of the same assemblies
  • We build the product so you do not have to. You concentrate on the sales, design and marketing of the product while spending valuable time with customers-so you do not have to worry about “How are we going to build this product?”