Low Volume Box Build

Low Volume Box BuildBESTProto can be your partner on low volume box builds or complete low volume assembly. With our test resources, the wide experience of our engineering and technician staffs with respect to building electronic assemblies, we can build those low volume box builds. We can do this without having to tie up your production lines or deal with the communications issues of a far away source of supply.

Enclosure fabrication processes are outsourced to local state-of-the-art machining providers who use either conventional machining centers suited for very low volume. In addition we have sources of supply which use CNC equipment suited for higher volume or projects with difficult geometries.

Wire harnesses for low volume electronics assembly, depending on the complexity, will either be outsourced or be completed solely inside of the BESTProto manufacturing cell.

BESTProto can fully assemble the product or we can provide sub-assemblies if preferred. For mechanical assemblies staking, nut and bolt driving, riveting and stud location and fastening are typical operations performed by BESTProto in building low volume box builds.

BESTProto completes the in-process documentation required for manufacturing as well as in-process checks ensure accurate and complete population of the assembly. Since you know your product the best, our test technicians and engineers work closely with you on determining what in process tests should be instituted.